Critical Mass

With this current generation of consoles starting to make arrangements for their wills, all eyes are turning to what the next wave of fancy graphics boxes will be throwing our way. It’s also a good time to look back and take stock of where Xbox 360 and PS3 have brought us. My first 360 game […]

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Mars Attracts

I’ve been on a big tv show rewatch kick over the last few months and have just finished with Veronica Mars – the first time I’ve watched any of it since its original transmission. Time can be less-than-kind to shows one remembers fondly but I think I appreciate Veronica and her Neptune adventures even more now. […]

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Hearing voices

I remember when Napster first hit the Internet. Bizarrely, I found out about it via a radio show – an actual, honest-to-God DJ raved on air about this new application you could download for free and then share your music collection with people all over the world. Y’know, like you might do with your friends. […]

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