Fires and ices and dwarves, oh my…

So Game of Thrones finished its second season with a bit of a stormer, no?

As a huge fan of the books I adored season 1, but season 2 has done a remarkable job of managing the ever-more-sprawling events of Westeros and beyond. For me, the big wins this season have been Tyrion (once again – Dinklage is god), watching Sansa become more sympathetic, Theon stubbornly marching to his own downfall and seeing new locations brought to life such as Pyke, Harrenhal and The Twins – which we will, of course, be seeing much more of next year.

I fervently hope the viewing figures continue to grow and HBO are content to let us watch the backstabbing, dragon fire and blue-eyed zombie attacks for many years to come.

Sod the 2012 Mayan prophecy. In 2013 winter is coming. For real this time.

Now, what to do with the next 10 months…


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