Zombies, Bubbles and David Bowie in tight trousers

Wait, what? It’s 2013? When did that happen?

There is a strange dilation of time which occurs when one is writing long-term on a project. I have been working on my two major features for almost 3 years now and there have been big steps and small steps of progress made along the way, but I can never quite the shake the feeling of watching it all happen from inside a time-locked bubble, unchanging.

As things stand, we should be seeing Zombie Musical shoot this year. You can watch the short it’s based upon here…

The final feature is far more ambitious and epic in scale. If the early storyboards are anything to go by, it’s going to be an absolute treat for fans of zombies, musicals and fun of any description.

The day the cameras roll will be a huge one for me, a mixture of confusing emotions and no-doubt some ‘Huh, so THAT happened’ sentiment. Because it never quite seems like the big events we dream about from childhood ever actually happen. I mean, of course they do, but the arrival of these milestones isn’t heralded by fireworks and an Inception-esque BWOOOONNG.

Instead, everything unfolds in much the same manner as the rest of real-life. We carry on. So, 2013 should be the year I finally achieve a lifelong dream. And then the next day I’ll be back working on new things.

As it all stands, it’s gearing up to be an excellent year. My non-Zombie co-writer Michael Callaghan and I have our vampire flick to shop around and are about to embark upon two (two!) further feature scripts. One is a feel-good family romp and the other a dark, low-budget horror. Nice variation there.

Meanwhile, Zombie Musical writer-director clever-clogs Ryan McHenry is gearing up for his directorial debut and we have been chatting about the next feature, which will be completely different again.

On top of all this I have a sci-fi comedy idea of my own to work up and a Young Adult novel to get out there. Lots to do, lots to see, lots to lose sleep over.

This time next year I shall hopefully be blogging about what a success everything was, complete with set photos and online reviews. At which point I shall also probably be prattling on about the cool new thing I’m working on.

My bubble bubbles on. So, to 2013!

Here’s David Bowie in Labyrinth. Just because I love Labyrinth


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