Life is stuff, people are good

I had such great intentions when I began this blog.

“Once a week!” I declared into the skies. My neighbour flashed me a funny look.

So here we are, in August. My previous blog noted that the year ahead would be eventful, marked with achievement. And yet the stuff of life unfolded and I have found myself in a different place.

So, to Zombie Musical. Exciting developments did indeed, erm, develop. A Kickstarter was launched, featuring none other than my good self (plus a few others), gurning (the others acted) through a fun web series intended to raise finance. Fun in the extreme, it seemed like a good way to move forward.

Then life stuff hit.

I feel comfortable writing this because it’s already out there: my co-writer and friend, director of Zombie Musical, Ryan McHenry, was diagnosed with cancer.

And we all sort of swayed and blinked as everything fluttered into disarray.

I experienced a little scare of my own last year and I’ve never known fear like it. But to see this happen for real to a friend was humbling and dizzying.

This blog, however, is not about all that. It’s about what happened next.

As a group of friends and creatives, we all felt a huge rush of inspiration, of drive. Life is short, we need to do something.

And we are. New projects have been taken (currently something very exciting, of which I hope to write at a later date) and we have remembered why we all wanted to do this in the first place.

Something even more wonderful has happened, though. Ryan became something of an Internet celebrity with his Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal Vines…

And the Vine community has flocked to support him. They established an Indiegogo campaign which has raised an astonishing amount thus far.

And it’s all come from complete strangers. A hashtag search for #weloveryan on Twitter reveals the wealth of good feeling out there. In a time when misogyny, cruelty and violence is being highlighted in the way people communicate online, it is wonderful to see human beings acting in such a humane manner.

So, more to come from us all, particularly Ryan. To celebrate, the fantastic Knightmare remake from Youtube’s Geek Week:


And Ryan being deadpan in the first Kickstarter vid (please ignore my rolling-eyed insanity):


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