Movies and agents and meetings oh my!

2017. I like how it looks on the page. Well, screen. It’s elegant, stylish. That cheeky little 7 at the end. Winking with possibility.

Also, it’s not 2016, so that’s pretty great.

I haven’t blogged in forever but this seems like a good time – because since I last threw words up on to the Web, a lot has happened.

I’m now permanently on-staff as a writer at Scottish film, games and post-production company, Blazing Griffin. They’re brilliant and we have a lot of exciting things to come.

In fact, our first movie starts shooting NEXT WEEK! And I wrote it! More details to come in time but, suffice to say, it’s unlike anything else you might have seen. It’s going to be amazing. And, beyond it, I’ve written another (even bigger) feature and a tv series that’s in development with a major UK broadcaster.

I have also signed with my first agent! I’m delighted to represented by Fiona Grant at The Dench Arnold Agency. She’s enthusiastic, shares my deep love of Buffy and isn’t put off by long, hyperactive stream-of-consciousness emails full of geeky tangents. Perfect for me. I’m excited to build my career with her.

So, if you’ve swung by here to check out my hot, finger-on-the-pulse Web presence – hire me! I write funny, human little stories full of fantastical events and characters you’ll love. Though I might be lying about the “little” bit.

Here’s to a smart, sexy 2017. Can’t wait to see what new projects it brings.


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