Current Projects

Anna and the Apocalypse – A coming-of-age Christmas zombie musical! Debuted at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, September 2017, releasing 2018 in North and Latin America with MGM/Orion Pictures. (Co-written with Ryan McHenry)

Last Commanders – script consultant for the unique upcoming CBBC series (with Objective Media)

Four – a tense murder drama with a sci-fi twist, currently in development for a major UK broadcaster.

Unannounced Blazing Griffin feature  – A sci-fi adventure-meets-murder-mystery with a unique setting. 

Unannounced supernatural teen drama – with Blazing Griffin.

Unannounced comedy-drama series – with Blazing Griffin.

Grey – in a familiar dystopic future where mental health is social currency, one woman finds a way to cheat the system. A dark sci-fi thriller series.

Bell Life – based upon real experience, this light-hearted drama explores life in a modern Secondary Comprehensive school, from the teachers to the students to the support staff. Crises and laughter are never far away. Just make it to the next bell.

Status – a dying girl will do anything to get to the top of her fancy private school, and sets herself on destroying the cruel popular kids in the process. This teen drama series is House of Cards meets Heathers.

Drones – a family goes on the run from a sinister global corporation and their cloning tech in this tense, funny drama series. In a post-truth world, does it matter who is real nor not?



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