Anna and the Apocalypse Debuts!

Anna and the Apocalypse has now had its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin and the response is, well…. wonderful. Yeah, I know, “fantastic” was right there. I just can’t do it. Initial audience responses An early review from Gizmodo And another from Dread Central! And another from Birth Movies Death! Aaaaand another from […]

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2013 in review

A strange year, all in. Some disappointments and shocks along the way but we’re finishing with a great deal of optimism. For that I’m thankful. I also grew closer to many friends this year and made some big decisions about the next phase in my life. Plenty of closure, then, and some timely reminders. Here […]

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Life is stuff, people are good

I had such great intentions when I began this blog. “Once a week!” I declared into the skies. My neighbour flashed me a funny look. So here we are, in August. My previous blog noted that the year ahead would be eventful, marked with achievement. And yet the stuff of life unfolded and I have […]

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There is a great episode in Lost‘s fourth season when the character of Desmond finds himself drifting through his own timeline, the result of having turned a key during an electromagnetic event… or something. Y’know, it’s Lost. The only way he can stop himself going mad is to focus on the one thing which remains unchanged throughout […]

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…and I feel fine

2012 began with dire predictions concerning the alleged Mayan prophecy of the END OF THE WOOOOOOORLD. Many theories, generally produced in whimsy, have been put forward as to how this terrible cataclysm will take place. Cast an eye over the news recently, however, and it becomes abundantly clear how humanity will fall. In fact, have […]

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